Who’s Who 2024

The Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe – the Right Reverend Dr Robert Innes
The Suffragan Bishop – the Right Reverend Dr David Hamid (retired)
The Chaplain – the Reverend Canon Tony Dickinson (retired). For more information about him and our locum chaplains please visit the Chaplain’s Page

Church Council and Church Officers

Churchwarden – Mary Wellington
Churchwarden – Lis Watkins Quierolo
Safeguarding Officer – Kallina Temperini
Secretary – John Wesley
Treasurer – Alexia Piaggio
Denise Ashing Dardani – Representative at the Ospedale Evangelico Internazionale
Council member – Francesco Cevasco
Council member – Marlene Schuster
  • Churchwarden, Synod Representative and Lay Vice-Chair – Mary Wellington
  • Churchwarden, Synod Representative and Assistant Treasurer – Lis Watkins Quierolo
  • Secretary – John Wesley Ephraim
  • Treasurer and Environmental Officer – Alexia Piaggio
  • Safeguarding Officer and Council Member – Kallina Temperini
  • Hanako Tsushima Semini – Electoral Role Officer
  • Denise Ashing Dardani – Ex Officio Council Member and Representative at the Ospedale Evangelico Internazionale
  • Francesco Cevasco – Council Member
  • Marlene Schuster – Council Member

In and Around the Church

  • Sacristan and Server – Lis Watkins
  • Lesson Reader Coordinator – Mary Wellington
  • Music – Flora Capostagno, Hanako Tsushima Semini, John Wesley Ephraim
  • Welcomers – Lis Watkins, Mary Wellington, John Obues
  • Offertory – Tracy Uwaghe, John Obues
  • Refreshments – Mary Wellington and Ruth McGroary (co-ordinators)
  • Building Maintenance – John Obues
  • Church Cleaners – John Obues
  • Grounds-keeper – John Obues
  • Zoom – John Wesley Ephraim, Lovely Lucky
  • Facebook Administrators – Tony Dickinson, Alexia Piaggio
  • Website Managers – Flora Capostagno, Tony Dickinson