Chaplaincy Cycle of Prayer

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“Thy Kingdom Come”

Thy Kingdom Come” is a global prayer initiative which has taken place every year for the past seven years between Ascension Day and Pentecost, a period when, according to St Luke in the opening chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, the apostles and the women around Jesus “were constantly devoting themselves to prayer (Acts 1:14). The team which co-ordinates this event, which is now international and ecumenical, has issued the following message about this year’s programme:

Through prayer and discernment, as Thy Kingdom Come goes into its 8th year, we are introducing several significant changes, to bring new life and in response to the current context we live in. 

The need across the world for the transforming power and mercy of God is more stark than ever. How can we partner with God, in prayer and mission, to see more people encounter the love of Christ this year? 

Firstly, we have introduced new daily themes for our resources. These themes focus on the character of God – ‘Our Father in Heaven’ – the One to whom we are petitioning and inviting people to know, to love and to serve. To find out more about these themes click the button below.

Secondly, this year we’re introducing a new sub-theme ‘Living the Kingdom’. Whilst Thy Kingdom Come will always have its focus as a call to prayer for evangelisation we want to invite participants to go one step further.

Mission always comes from the place of prayer, so how can we in this time go the extra mile, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to love and serve those we are praying for or others who are in need? This is about living the Kingdom – individually and corporately – in our context. 

Finally, returning to the early days of TKC, we are sensing a call for Christians to gather together (in-person where possible) and collaborate ecumenically locally, regionally and nationally – being a truly united witness to the world. 

We’ve put together 23 ideas for churches to get involved with TKC in 2023. Inspired by all that we’ve seen churches do over the years, we’ve picked some great examples of activities and events that you could consider doing from prayer pilgrimages to crafternoons and prayer postcards.

Anyone interested can link to the 23 ideas here. Some are for congregations to do together. Others are for individuals.

Chaplaincy Cycle of Prayer

This cycle of prayer offers a topic for prayer each day of the month under three headings: “Local Church life”, “Genoa”, and “The wider world”. We hope you find that it provides a helpful structure for your praying.  This cycle of prayer is also available from the church in a hard-copy form that can easily be slipped into a handbag or pocket.

In our local Church life, pray for…

1          the Chaplain, all who minister

2          the Churchwardens

3          the church council and officers

4          the sacristan and servers

5          sidesmen and welcomers

6          the organist and musicians

7          those who maintain the church

8          all who care for the grounds

9          the church cleaning team

10        the church’s children

11        safe-guarding

12        those preparing for baptism/confirmation

13        those newly baptised and/or confirmed

14        worship on Sundays and midweek

15        the prayer life of the chaplaincy

16        other groups using the church

17        neighbours of other traditions

18        neighbours of other faiths

19        healing ministry

20        the healing of memories

21        those who are ill/housebound

22        the Ospedale Evangelico: other local hospitals

23        Neighbours in Need

24        the food bank

25        the clinic:

26        those seeking work

27        visitors to Genova

28        Stella Maris

29        those who have died

30        the bereaved & all who mourn

31        thanksgiving

Within Genoa, those who live in…

1          Molo

2          Oregina

3          Castelletto

4          San Vincenzo,

5          Carignano

6          Sampierdarena

7          San Teodoro

8          Marassi

9          Quezzi

10        Staglieno

11        Molassana

12        Struppa

13        Rivarolo

14        Bolzaneto

15        Pontedecimo

16        Sestri

17        Borzoli

18        Cornigliano

19        Voltri

20        Pra’

21        Pegli

22        Foce

23        San Martino

24        Albaro

25        Boccadasse

26        Sturla

27        Quarto dei Mille

28        Nervi

29        Apparizione, Borgoratti

30        San Desiderio, Bavari

31        Those who live outside the city

In the wider world, pray for

1      the archbishops and the bishops of the diocese

2      the Archdeaconry of Italy & Malta

3      Archdeaconry, Diocesan and General Synods

4      Christian unity: the work of CCE

5      the Archdiocese of Genova

6      religious communities of all traditions

7      mission in this country

8      mission across cultures

9      the integrity of God’s creation

10    schools, colleges, universities

11    children in distress or danger

12    Christian teachers and writers

13    all engaged in inter-faith dialogue

14    the President of the Republic

15    the Government, MPs and MEPs

16    the Mayor of Genova

17    the city council: local councils: all who work in local government

18    aid and development agencies

19    all in poverty and distress throughout the world: homeless people

20    those who cannot see, speak, or hear

21    chronically ill and permanently disabled people: those with learning difficulties

22    doctors, nurses, all who care for those who are ill or infirm

23    prisoners: the justice system

24    prisoners of conscience

25    industry and commerce

26    refugees and asylum-seekers

27    all who have been trafficked

28    seafarers, fishermen

29    all who work in the media

30    the dying: those who care for them

31    the armed forces