Holy Ghost Anglican Church is committed to assist people in need in our community to the extent of our ability.  We do this by prayer, with the belief that all things are possible to God.  We also provide a link to the services that are available to people in need in Genova.  Please click the link below to determine which service(s) you might need and where and when you can find them.
HELP FOR THE FOOD BANK – gifts of non-perishable food and drink for our foodbank. Please leave them at the back of the church – small tins, biscuits, longlife milk, pasta, for example.

Community help from Caritas


Evening meal with Sant’Egidio every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Holy Ghost Anglican Church has a Neighbour in Need project in partnership with St Paul’s Rock Creek Parish, Washington. Do you need help with food or clothing?  Or do you just want to talk to someone in English to share your problems and ask for prayers? Please come to the church before or after our Wednesday or Sunday services.

Winter Night Shelter: Emergenza Freddo

Caritas Genoa is again this year promoting the “Emergenza” to increase the number of beds available to homeless people living on the street and offer them shelter for the night, dinner, breakfast and the showers between 1st December 2018 and 31st March 2019.  See “News” page for details.