We look forward to meeting some of the people who have contacted the church for information about centenary commemorations for those who lost their lives in the sinking of the Transylvania (4th May Savona and 7th May Genoa). At the same time, many people were rescued and it is a page of local Italian history that is still remembered.

History of the SS Transylvania

Transylvania events brochure in Italian

Transylvania Centenary Commemoration Calendar May 2017

Oral history – memories of a West Country survivor of the sinking, Walter Edward Williams, courtesy of the Imperial War Museum: Recollections of sinking of SS Transylvania in Mediterranean, 4/May/1917  (Reel 2) © IWM

The Anglican Episcopalian Church of the Holy Ghost has arranged for two services of commemoration:

4th May 09:15 – Thursday at the Savona Cemetery, Savona Transylvania Memorial and Graves – a service of prayers and readings led by Fr Douglas Greenaway


7th May 10:30 – Sunday at the Church of the Holy Ghost, Genova, commemoration prayers and remembrance during the service, celebrant Fr Douglas Greenaway


World War One centenary 1914 – 2014 – Bordighera, Savona and Genoa Staglieno war graves

an excerpt from Aubade for the shortest day, written by Geoff Smith
And there will be no spring to warm the earth

No re-current pulse of life awakening the sleeper

Of the age, no return of summer, no warmth

To make the grave a less solemn cold bed

Only memories, only the name by which I

Was known, sieved through the memories

Of those who knew me until finally lost

And in a graveyard some future traveller

Might pause by the dried flowers on the dust

Covered stone and read my name and ask

Who was this man and what became of his

Hopes and dreams, his words and songs

Now all lost, all gone and pause to reflect

That his own final chapter has just begun

© Geoff Smith


Wednesday, 22 December 2010
(After the painting Cimitiere en Provence by Frederic Montenard)