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Who is who – Chi siamo

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The Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe – the Right Reverend Dr Robert Innes, based in Brussels and London.


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The chaplain – our priests come and minister at this church for short periods. Please go to the chaplain’s page to find out more about who is here in Genoa at the moment. March 2017 onwards – Revd Tony Dickinson.


Flora HG Genoa

Churchwarden – Flora Capostagno
Flora has lived in Italy for over 30 years. Formerly at the Chaplaincy in Rome, she moved to Genoa in 1982 and now is a freelance translator and English teacher. She is also the church organist.


Mary W Genoa

Churchwarden – Mary Wellington

Mary has been in Italy for 38 years, is married to an Alpino. She is a housewife and enjoys reading literature and history books.



The Treasurer – Alexia Piaggio

Alexia was born and grew up in East Africa, has been in Italy for about 15 years and is a freelance EFL teacher and legal translator. She loves running and swimming.


Lisbeth Watkins

Assistant Treasurer & Synod Rep Lis Watkins Quierolo 

Lis has lived in Italy for over 40 years and is a freelance teacher. She is a keen reader and sewer and her work, from curtains to pew cushions and purple vestments, can be seen inside the Church.

   Secretary – Hanako Tsushima-Semino

Hanako Tsushima-Semino a researcher and talented violinist, Hanako is the newest Council Officer and plurilingual too.



Eucharistic Assistants are Hanako Tsushima and Lisbeth Watkins.

Ruth McGroary Council Member – outreach

Kallina Temperini Council Member and Safeguarding Officer

Ann Maselli Council Member and Evangelical Hospital Representative

Giovanni B. Forlino Council Member and Ecumenical Officer

Denise Ashing Ex Officio Council Member

Amelia Carteny Council Member


Wendy Catchpole (1947 – 2015) Wendy was elected as Church Secretary in April 2010 having been involved at the Chaplaincy for over ten years. She stood down in 2014. As well as her secretarial duties, she took care of the church garden and the Priest Calendar and was quietly a very generous person. We will miss her.


Peter Jones (1947 – 2013) was the Reader at Holy Ghost from the 1970s  onward as well as Churchwarden. Originally from the UK, his home became Genoa. As a former English teacher and trainer, many people in Genoa owe their knowledge and enjoyment of English to him. A tribute from friends can be read on the church’s Facebook page.

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